The Occupancy Permit is the answer.

Besides our PKI construction materials we need the following things to bring the magic of the occupancy permit to online facilities:

DCPA - Duly Constituted Public Authority
A source of public authority must be available in order for there to be professional licensing, building codes and occupancy permits. And public authority implies a jurisdiction, a physical or logical region where a particular set of ordinances apply to all who choose to live or own property within that jurisdiction.

Reliable Identities
We must have a high level of confidence in the identities of the individuals whose names are on the occupancy permit, as well as those of all others involved. That requires proper enrollment procedures and certification of public keys by Duly Constituted Public Authority.

A Privacy Infrastructure
While it's not a big problem in the world of physical real estate, the availability of reliable identities online presents privacy issues. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles illustrates our solution: anyone can see your license plate number, but no one can know your name unless they have a right to know it, e.g. you're involved in an accident. Even then, the other party can only know things about you that the situation calls for.

Professional Licensing
Beyond building codes and aside from occupancy permits there is the signature of the architect on the blueprint, along with his or her professional license number. If the design proves defective, the professional license - in our case an attribute certificate - can be suspended, modified or revoked.

Licenses called for in the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure include:

  • Professional Architect's License
  • Professional Contractor's License
  • Professional Building Inspector's License

Building Codes
For a facility to provide InDoor space and be eligible for an occupancy permit, certain software practices are mandated. These practices are called building codes.

Building Inspections
Building inspections are code audits by professionally licensed building inspectors.

Occupancy Permits
This is the attribute certificate that says, "Not only has this facility been designed by a licensed architect, built by a professionally licensed contractor, and inspected by a professionally licensed building inspector; in addition, all three of them are happy enough with the way the owner ha$ treated them to sign off on this permit."

"How do we evolve open-source business models to ensure vendors and individual open source professionals get paid...?"

The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and its component Real Estate Professional Infrastructure will bring new viability to the economics of open source.

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