How do I get paid 

for my 

hard work


Or, as InfoWorld asks in setting the agenda for the 2009 Open Source business conference,

"How do we evolve open-source business models to ensure vendors get paid without resorting to the same lock-in tactics that the proprietary world has used?"

The answer to both questions is right there in front of us. It's staring us right in the face.

It's both familiar and obvious, when you think about it.

In fact that familiarity is our first challenge. The solution to problems involving open source revenue sources comes from something that's almost too familiar.

Familiar but unexpected.

We invite you, the open source professional, to take a close look at it, think about it, and decide for yourself.

And however you perceive it -- familiar or not, unexpected or not -- we can show that it will work for you.

But this new solution requires some stepping back and seeing things in a new context.

So let's step back.

As software professionals, what are we building?

Generally, we're building either routing and switching and traffic management facilities, or we're building facilities that will be used by specific groups of people for their specific purposes inside bounded spaces.

Think about it. Isn't the value provided by much of today's software similar to the value provided by an office building or meeting hall or other InDoor space? Aren't we building sets of bounded and designated spaces in which people can work on files and share them with ease and confidence?

Q: What do we build after the highway is built?
A: We build that which highways bring us to, that is, buildings.

If you're working on the outdoor public transport facility, the highway system known as the Internet, then your work is guided and governed by a set of principles other than what we'll discuss here. Thanks for providing the rest of us with a really great outdoor public transport system.

If on the other hand you're developing that which highways bring people to, that is, buildings, then we have a revenue model for you.

Please click on one of the following, depending upon your role...

My efforts are directed toward the outdoor public transport facility, the Internet
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I am involved in the development of InDoor spaces
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I am yet to be convinced about this distinction